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Day tours in Iceland private transfer

Private tours from Reykjavik and airport transfer for  small groups 1-8 persons.

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Private Tours for 1 -8 persons

Travel Taxi specializes in personalized guided tours for small groups of 1- 8 persons. Tours are carefully selected allowing participants to enjoy as much of Iceland's unique landscape and scenery as possible on each occasion, and supplemented by a range of exciting options such as beautiful landscape, geothermal area, thermal springs, waterfalls, and comfort in blue lagoon.

Cruise ship pick up

Pick up for cruise ship passengers

If you are arriving to Iceland on the cruise ship then we´ll be happy to take you with us to explore the  Icelandic nature.

Golden circle tour from Reykjavík for cruise ship passengers

Price 1-4 passenger ISK: 65,700

Price 5-8 passenger ISK: 85.400

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